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Big Bam Ski Hill is run by a volunteer group of individuals who all recognize the value in having a nearby summer and winter recreational site. The ten member board of directors and their four executives all volunteer to oversee a non-profit that operates the ski hill. These along with the other volunteers all give their time and energy to ensure the safe operation of the Big Bam Ski Hill and a successful winter season for recreational skiing and snowboarding.

During the winter season, the 12 acre ski and snowboard hill is open every weekend. Big Bam Ski Hill is conveniently located with lots of options for all abilities from beginner lessons to expert runs. Their runs are 60% easy, 35% difficult and 5% most difficult, with more vertical than any other nearby hill. Volunteers staff the office, manage the rentals and maintain the safe operation of the equipment.

With a location that is scenic and enjoyable year round, the ski hill remains active in their off season. Big Bam Ski Hill hosts many events including the Big Bam Vertical Slam and the Giv’r to the Riv’r mountain bike races during the summer and fall months. The hill is available for rent for special events such as weddings. The volunteers organize and host parties, events and camping. There are incredible hiking, running and mountain biking trails available for the public to enjoy.

The operation of Big Bam Ski Hill takes a massive amount of volunteer effort. Since re-opening in 2009, the volunteers have made tremendous strides in providing a safe, accessible and professional ski hill ideally located close to Taylor. Volunteers succeeded in gaining a quad chair in 2015 and welcome volunteer power to continue to fund-raise for its installation.

Contact Big Bam to volunteer, sponsor or donate towards the continuation of high-quality winter recreation in Taylor.

Meet Volunteer Jody Mather

Meet Volunteer Jody Mather

Jody is the president of the volunteer non-profit society behind the Big Bam Ski Hill. He has been helping with the successful operation of the ski hill since the re-opening of the hill in 2009. He, along with his other volunteer board members, were motivated to open and operate Big Bam because Taylor lacked a nearby winter ski hill for families to go to. Volunteers have contributed thousands of hours improving the hill. "I'm very proud of where we are today," said Jody, "the hill is completely re-opened and it is now bigger and better than ever."

Big Bam is a unique ski hill and uses snow cats to transport people to the top of the runs. The volunteers know they have an amazing community asset and are always welcoming new volunteers, sponsorship and donations towards enhancing the ski hill and their operation of the hill. A local company has donated a sit-ski for the hill. "It's the only sit-ski in the north and is available for people as needed," said Jody who explained the sit-ski client would be accompanied by volunteer ski patrol guides. Sponsors and donations assist the volunteers as they ensure the safe operation of the hill. Many dedicated volunteers make sure the winter weekends are safe and fun. "We re-opened this ski hill so people can all enjoy it," said Jody, "the best part of volunteering is seeing the completion of projects and achieving our goals." All the work is worth it when he, and the other volunteers, see the hill busy with people having fun skiing and snowboarding. "It puts a warm feeling in people's hearts when you see children learning to ski for the first time or families recreating together," said Jody.

Jody has lived in Taylor since 1998. He loves the close-knit and family-oriented feel of the community and appreciates that it is a quiet place to raise a family. When not busy with work or volunteering at the ski hill, he likes to spend time with his family and enjoy the great outdoors by fishing, camping, boating and riding snowmobiles.

6317 Big Bam Rd
Taylor, BC V0C 2K0


Winter - open every weekend for Skiing
Open year- round for recreation and relaxation

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