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For more than a decade, Cornerstone Catering has been helping make local private and corporate events worry free by providing quality, delicious, on-site catering.

Cornerstone Catering works closely with clients to plan a menu that is perfectly suited to an event’s size, venue and theme. They offer flexible menu options that include hot or cold-plate meals, barbecues, hot or cold beverages and desserts as well as liquor services.

Whether it’s a wedding, party or corporate event, Cornerstone Catering takes care of all the menu details. Cornerstone Catering also supplies servers and staff so that you can truly sit back, relax and truly enjoy your event.

Meet Shannon Bolog & Meri Witmer

Meet Shannon Bolog & Meri Witmer

Shannon Bolog has always loved cooking and being creative with food. So much so, that she took the advice of friends and family and started her own catering business. Years later, she was joined by her new business partner, Meri Witmer, who also happened to be her aunt. The two have been working as a team for several years now, planning meals and cooking for groups and events throughout Taylor.

Shannon and Meri both agree that Taylor is home to some of the best people on earth. Here, people are friendly and always look out for one another. "It is a very community-minded town," says Meri. Neighbours are quick to pitch in and help each other for all kinds of things, even helping find someone's lost dog. Plus, Meri adds, it's a wonderful, nurturing, safe place to raise a family. Shannon is a mom and Meri is a grandmother so both appreciate the many family-oriented activities and events that go on in Taylor throughout the year.

When it comes to their catering business, their experiences working with their customers have always been positive. "They are wonderful to work with," Meri says. Meri and Shannon are also deeply appreciative of the staff that they hire to work the various events that they cater. "They do an excellent job," says Meri. "We couldn't do it without them." Outside of work, Shannon is a volunteer at the local fire department and Meri likes to spend as much spare time as she can with her grandchildren.

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Please contact Shannon or Meri for information or to book your special event.

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