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Heather’s Heartfelt Healing & Personal Empowerment Services offers an open heart for client healing. Heather is an understanding, open-minded and caring coach who can and will help as you discover, heal and move along your life journey. Heather provides reflective guidance as clients grow so they can understand themselves on a whole new level. Heather can teach clients the skills needed to create the life they desire and deserve, the tools to feel peaceful in body, mind and soul.

Heather’s Heartfelt Healing & Personal Empowerment Services provides empowerment coaching, Soul to Sole sessions (toe readings) and oracle card empowerment sessions – three different ways to connect and open the heart together. Heather is available in person or over the phone. Today’s modern technology enables Heather to be available as a coach as needed and she offers personal empowerment coaching phone session packages.

Heather’s Heartfelt Healing & Personal Empowerment is a home-based business that offers flexible hours by appointment.

Meet Heather Scriven

Meet Heather Scriven

Heather was born and raised in Taylor. She loves the small town feel, the freedom and the spacious nature that is readily available. "My heart is in Taylor," she said. Heather's family has a long history with Taylor and she feels connected to her hometown and to the people in the community.

Heather feels at home being surrounded with natures natural beauty and the freedom the Peace River Valley provides. She enjoys caring and sharing her abundance through her garden, flowers, and outdoor space through her creative heart and soul. She soaks up her surroundings through meditative nature walks as she collects and connects her thoughts through finding heart rocks which bring meaning and inner peace to her being. When she connects with what brings herself joy, she in return helps her clients connect with her.

Heather started her home-based business, Heather's Heartfelt Healing & Personal Empowerment Services, as a way of gaining more meaningful and authentic employment for herself. She appreciates that her job enables her to share in the life journeys of her clients."I feel happy to be a part of their journey," she said. She loves working with people and making a difference by bringing them a sense of peace and happiness.

As an entrepreneur with a home-based business, Heather likes working from her home, welcoming clients in or conducting coaching over the phone or through email. "My clients can be anywhere. I can be at home and they can be at home and we can do the healing together," she said. Heather is proud of her business and that she can play a role in making a positive difference to her clients' lives.

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