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Larry Ramstad of LTP Enterprises is passionate about golf. He is the hired golf professional at the Lone Wolf Golf Club and a Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of BC Head Professional. In the summers Larry teaches outdoors and on the driving range. He is a knowledgable accomplished professional golfer who provides insight into the game through proven teaching techniques. For the past three winters Larry has set up a state of the art golf simulator in the dining area of the Lone Wolf Golf Club to help players of all abilities improve their game.

The golf simulator is a high tech system that accurately tracks and displays the ball speed and spin rates, directional values and carry distance. Larry’s golf simulator allows golfers to correct their bad habits, adjust their performance and improve their game over the winter months. Larry is pleased that the state of the art simulator allows him to teach and share his love for the game year round with new and returning clients.

Larry updates the golf simulator annually to keep the technology current and is proud of the top notch visual quality of the realistic ninety golf courses available for clients to play. The simulator allows Larry to pursue teaching golf year round through the Lone Wolf Golf Club.

Meet Larry Ramstad

Meet Larry Ramstad

Larry Ramstad is the Head Professional at Lone Wolf Golf Course and a past Professional Golfers' Association of BC Teacher of the Year finalist. Larry has been in Taylor with the Lone Wolf Golf Club since 2009. He loves Taylor and says, "it's excellent, it's small and the community, the membership community especially, are very much close knit." He is happy to have found a way to keep the game of golf and the golf club active year-round with his golf simulator set-up during the off season. "Over the winter months golf courses typically go quiet and shut down. This indoor golf simulator enables golfers to stay active year round," said Larry. Larry stays active over the off season and carries over the popular outdoor golf activities into the winter months such as a regular "men's night" and "ladies night."

Regulars come in weekly through the winter months to use the golf simulator and definitely notice an improvement to their performance. "Client skills are improving," said Larry, "because they are keeping the golf clubs out over the winter and going into the golf season after making necessary improvements and practicing those improvement with repletion with the simulator."

Larry notes that Taylor has ample recreation opportunities and the local stores offer everything you could possibly need. He has noticed over the years that Taylor has grown, lots are being infilled, housing is going up and people are moving to Taylor because of the amenities.

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