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Welcome to the home of the Taylor Tornados!

The Taylor Minor Hockey Association offers minor hockey for children and teens of all skill levels. The local rink brings the residents of Taylor together through Canada’s favorite pastime, hockey. Filled with Taylor pride, the cheers of the community can be heard echoing through the famous Taylor District Arena.

Parents and members of Taylor Minor Hockey love this game not just because of the skill, the speed or the strength that it requires, but for the character it builds in their children. Being able to work together as a team, to share, and learning to celebrate wins and losses help to build the future of the community.

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Meet the Taylor Minor Hockey Association

Meet the Taylor Minor Hockey Association

You don’t need to speak to many Taylor hockey fans to realize how important minor hockey is to the community. Executive Director, Desirae Graziano, says that the Taylor Minor Hockey Association is critical in Taylor as it allows the kids an opportunity to play for their home team. “If kids don’t have a place to play hockey in Taylor, they have to go to other towns to play; this isn’t as easy as it sounds. The way BC Hockey has registration set up, some kids would play in Taylor, some in Fort St. John and some in Dawson Creek," she explains.

Graziano admits that she hasn't experienced the structure of a larger association but is grateful for the family participation that Taylor Minor Hockey has. “I don’t know if it’s like this in a bigger center but parent involvement here is great. Its close knit, you know your coaches and you know your kid," she says.

Taylor Minor Hockey Association held their first New Years Eve fundraiser in 2016 and Graziano says it was such a success, they plan to do it again next year. “This year we had a silent auction and dance. It was hosted at the community hall and the funds were used to pay for the half ice boards; it all went really well."

As for the town itself, Graziano says Taylor has a little bit of everything. If you like golf, there’s golf. If you like karaoke, there’s a karaoke bar. If you want to play to play hockey or your kids want to skate, that’s all available here. "It has everything you need but a grocery store," she laughs "but that’s only 15 minutes away. There’s lots to do in Taylor; drag racing, motor cross, nice walking trails and good hiking at Peace Island Park. Our organization frequently uses the concession at the arena itself too."

Taylor Minor Hockey is certainly growing and Graziano explains there are many exiting new event stated for this year. “Our fundraiser was such a success so we’ll continue with that; we started doing goalie clinics and we’re really exciting to announce that power edge pro will be coming this year."

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