Vertical Slam Ultimate Challenge

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Vertical Slam holds an event annually to fundraise for the community causes. The June event, the Vertical Slam, hosts a 2.3 km, 5 km, 10 km, an obstacle course and are looking to host longer distances in the future.

The Vertical Slam works with Big Bam Ski Hill to help develop the running and hiking trails on the hill as well as actively promoting the all-season use of the hill. The event supports the continued successful operation and maintenance for the hill as a recreation site for all seasons. It also provides fun, challenging, goal-reaching events to all individuals and families.

This is a family-friendly event with options to participate in a shorter climb and a hike along the run route. There are celebrations at the end of the race route to reward the participants and thank them for their support of the Big Bam Ski Hill. Organizers encourage participants to challenge themselves, achieve personal fitness goals and find their inner power on the hill.

The next Vertical Slam Ultimate Challenge is set for June 9, 2018. Mark your calendars!

Meet Volunteer Laurie Cardinal

Meet Volunteer Laurie Cardinal

Laurie is part of the dedicated group of volunteers who enable the ongoing success of the Vertical Slam. Laurie credits three other ladies that she works closely with to plan and carry out the Vertical Slam, Jada Rogers, Chris Volgaris and Perri Rogers. They work together with other volunteers to plan and maintain the route, promote the event, manage registrations, find sponsors and more. If it wasn't for the hard work of many volunteers, community family-friendly events like the Vertical Slam wouldn't be possible.

June 2016 was the first Vertical Slam and the interest was high. "We sold out two months in advance of the event with over 400 people registering," said Laurie, "it poured rain the day of the event and we still had a great turn out with over 350 people participating." The race brought lots of awareness to the hill and people became familiar with the trails as a recreation site. As a result, there has been an increase in activity and enjoyment of Big Bam Ski Hill.

The ski hill is working with volunteers like Laurie and others in the mountain bike and hiking clubs to plan and maintain an all-season park for skiing, mountain biking and hiking. "Everybody is working very hard and getting the community to come together," said Laurie, "we all want to create a place where families can come and have fun together." Laurie feels rewarded when she sees everyone have so much fun at the Vertical Slam. "Truly the best part was seeing how happy everyone was and seeing participants encouraging one another and celebrating their success," she said.

Laurie loves being on Big Bam Ski Hill. "I skied there as a child and I love that it is active again," she said. Laurie is connected to Taylor as a personal trainer and really likes the community. She finds Taylor to be pretty, homey and quiet with a pleasant small town feel.

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Two events seasonally - one every fall and spring.

Contact us or check out our website to learn more about participating or volunteering.