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Wood, Wire & Soul Creations specializes in using reclaimed natural items and turning them into distinctive, unique, beautiful and sometimes whimsical practical art and jewellery. Reclaimed copper wire may become a gorgeous pair of artisan earrings. Reclaimed wood may re-morph into a shelf, a box or a candle holder. Even old catalogs become stunning and surprising wearable art. In addition to jewellery and decorative works, Wood, Wire & Soul Creations also carries a selection of original paintings.

Wood, Wire & Soul Creations is a family owned-and-operated business, and is a special partnership of mother and daughters who are proud to serve the community of Taylor.

Meet Lane Casavant

Meet Lane Casavant

Lane Casavant has always been crafty. She has experimented with a diverse range of materials throughout the years, creating everything from delicate jewellery to sturdy wooden boxes to paintings. Like many crafters and artists, Lane’s creative streak could not be contained and so she turned to selling her works as a means of supporting her prolific art habit and making a little extra income in the process. She started Wood, Wire & Soul Creations in 2011 along with her daughters, Treena Farquharson and Miranda Lee Casavant.

Between her regular full-time job and her arts and crafts business, Lane keeps very busy. However, she always makes family a priority and they spend as much time together as they can. Being able to work with her daughters in her business endeavour is something that she is proud of and grateful for.

Taylor has long been home for Lane and her family. She has many relationships and connections here which makes doing business more pleasurable and rewarding. “I know most of my clientele,” she says. She appreciates the small town atmosphere which is conducive to fostering relationships and finds the community members of Taylor truly care for one another. “Everyone is willing to help out someone in need,” she says. With such a supportive group of residents, Lane is hopeful about Taylor’s future and its ability to grow and attract new businesses.

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